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Outdoor Water Features in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Landscape & Patio

An outdoor water feature like a fish pond or a backyard waterfall adds elegance to your outdoor living space while providing soothing sounds to help you relax. Charlotte Landscape & Patio can add a unique water feature that will become a favorite attraction.

Outdoor Water Features

Our design and installation teams offer multiple options when creating your own unique water feature. We offer koi ponds, elaborate waterfalls and more. Whether you want to add a water feature to your existing outdoor living space or want to start from scratch, we are here for you. Call today for more information.

The Water Is Fine

A water feature is aesthetically pleasing rather than functional. In other words, you wouldn't want to go swimming in a koi pond or under a waterfall. However, if you would like to complement your water feature with a recreational option, we recommend adding a swimming pool. When you turn to us, your work will be done by the leading pool builders in Charlotte.

You might think that a swimming pool will overpower the layout of your backyard. But that doesn't have to be the case. We work with you to design a swimming pool that meets your needs while blending with your water feature and surroundings. For example, if you have a deck or porch along with a pergola, we will make sure your pool works with the existing elements in your outdoor entertainment area.

Our Charlotte pool builders have years of experience, so we know how to make your dream of a swimming pool a reality. Using the highest quality materials available, we provide quality craftsmanship so that your pool is as beautiful as it is functional. We are committed to building a pool or a water feature for you that will serve you well for years and add value to your home.

chosen Charlotte Landscape & Patio chosen

We are proud to share that out of all the possibilities in Charlotte, North Carolina, Corona Light chose Charlotte Landscape & Patio to build a new patio for the winner of their sweepstakes. It is an honor to have been chosen and a pleasure working with the team at Corona Light.